Our purpose

At LearnCollab, our purpose is to assist enterprises and companies to increase their core capabilities Raising competitive advantage for our learners and enteprises.

LearnCollab Pte Ltd, is the training arm of Tiong Aik Construction Pte Ltd, an Approved Training and Testing Centre (ATTC) by BCA. LearnCollab Pte Ltd. is also a Registered Training Provider (RTP) under SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). The Parent Company of LearnCollab Pte Ltd has 50 years of expertise in the construction industry. Sitting as a subsidiary of an SGX listed firm (TA Corp Ltd) bearing SGX: PA3, we strive to provide insights and deliver quality services to build trust and confidence, through the demonstration of accountability in the domestic and APEC markets.

In so doing, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, our clients, and our communities.


In a world that is fast pace, our purpose is to ensure that we adhere strictly to a set of strict proven methodologies. By deploying practical, sustainable frameworks in our training and consultancy, we have a sister company known as LETS Pte Ltd that fronts all solutions and consultancy in the arena to advocate personal data privacy, guide companies in the journey of digital transformation, and business continuity.

To ensure that we stay relevant, current, and knowledgeable we form a strategic partnership with top assessment bodies and governing bodies to keep up with policies changes, to act as a point of contact to provide valuable advice to entrepreneurs, learners, companies, and external consultants to eliminate any doubts of challenges.

We believe that by assisting companies or individuals to raise their core capability – Inevitably, we hope our clients to capitalize on new opportunities, mitigate risk through investigatory research works and deliver practical and related solutions. The team strongly believes that in order to fulfill the true purpose, we hold dear to the ideology of developing a multidisciplinary team to utilise new technologies and methodologies to raise competitiveness for each client to ensure sustainability.

We truly believe that each client’s success is a representation of “Our Hardwork”.


Our people

Develop Internal — Empowering External — is the foundation of our philosophy. At LearnCollab, armed with a team of highly experienced trainers, LearnCollab Pte. Ltd. has a track record of delivering high-quality practical, current and relevant knowledge to all learners and enterprises. All programs are tailor-made to ensure stress-free and fun learning.


Backed by (TA Corporation Ltd) that owns 15 subsidiaries that span across 12 industries in eight (8) countries. Our focus is our people. We believe that with a knowledgeable workforce possessing the right mindset and skill to anticipate upcoming crises and the ability to navigate out – We will truly be delivering value to the economy.

With a combined workforce of close to 1000 workforce in TA Corporation Ltd, and strategic partnerships with subject matter experts, the team’s ability to leverage, and seek consensus from key opinion leaders allows the team to deliver highly complex projects. We believe in the philosophy and are heavy adopters of lifelong learning.



We base our philosophy and core values on L.E.A.R.N.


Our readiness to lead our students and placing integrity above all because doing things right is our path to long-term growth.


We believe in helping our students to build their knowledge and confidence, enabling them to represent their interest in a responsible and self-determining way


We build our students with the right attitude, which is fundamental for all learning.


Our students’ success is the gauge for our success


We provide a nurturing environment to support our students and businesses as a community.


LearnCollab Pte. Ltd. aims to be one of the largest Registered Training Providers (RTP) in the next five (5) years, providing high quality training that will empower the Singapore workforce in the domain of technical and non-technical

Meet The Leaders

Mr. Neo Tiam Boon

Group CEO. TA.Corporation Ltd.

Mr. Neo is the Group CEO and ED of TA Corporation Ltd, an established property and construction group. He is a management veteran with over 20 years of management experience. In recent years, Mr. Neo has led the Group through its transformation from a traditional construction company to one that is based on technological advances.

Mr. Lee Szer Chin

CEO, LearnCollab Pte Ltd

Mr Lee Szer Chin is the CEO of LearnCollab and Director of LETS Pte Ltd. He has been pivotal to TA Corporation's diversification in the Construction training vertical. Mr Lee graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor Of Engineering (Civil & Structural) and Master Of Science In International Construction Management.

Mr. Daniel Lee

Director, LearnCollab Pte Ltd
Chief Operating Officer, LETS Pte Ltd

Daniel Lee is involved in Adult Learning & Business Transformation consulting for the past 10 years. He works closely with business leaders across South East Asia to execute the business transformations that are required to combat against disruptions, achieve sustainable growth & expand their business. Daniel is expanding the digital transformation & privacy management services in the region.


Mr. Vincent Li

Enterprise Solutions Manager, LETS

Mr Vincent Li started out in 2007 in the industry and his foundation in operations was solidified through inter-department facilitation of classes and maintenance of centres. He was also in constant contact with various trainers, companies, and foreign workers. Apart from managing sales enquiries from various channels and supporting corporate accounts, he analyses market trends to identify new business opportunities to develop market awareness for their products.

Ms. Ida Jaafar

Product Manager, Data Governance & Privacy Solutions

Ms Ida Jaafar is the Lead in Enterprise & Data Privacy Solutions in LETS Pte Ltd. She provides solutions enabling clients with process, technology and training to obtain industry-relevant skills. She is also a certified Practitioner in Personal Data Protection Act Singapore (2020).


Quality Management Team Lead, LearnCollab

Ms. Jas Ong is the Senior Executive of the Quality Management Team (QMT) has been with the company for 3 years. She has a proven track record of helping to lead the team by ensuring they are functioning in complete compliance with the requirements. Jas also has a 3 years of experience in an in-house RTP, holding the responsibility as the Management Representative.