Course Overview

The course seeks to provide learners with a basic understanding of the Ministry of Manpower’s legislation and regulatory requirements concerning employment practices, workplace safety and health, and personal data protection. Learners will gain an understanding of the key provisions of these pieces of legislation and how they impact employers and employees in Singapore. The course will also provide guidance and tips on best practices in complying with these legislative requirements.

As the service environment one works in becomes increasingly complex with changing demographics, the organisation needs to bring the best and most qualified people together to raise the competitive edge and also meet the regulatory framework of diversity and inclusion to be a norm. Employees must be able to work and relate to different sets of team members with multi-racial, gender, cultural mix and age groups. They have to develop personal and social-emotional skill sets e.g. self-awareness, understanding and managing emotions and how they affect one’s thoughts and actions, developing self-esteem and confidence and cross-cultural competencies to work effectively. Developing resilience/coping skills is particularly important to people, especially in the service environment. A resilient employee who can resist adversity, cope with uncertainty and recover more successfully from stressful frontline situations or emotional stress is less likely to leave the organisation. They can maintain healthy relationships with colleagues in a team and accommodate the different expectations, preferences, styles, needs and behaviours of the full range of customer types requires emotional intelligence. Front-line staff also need to develop resilience to manage these relationships.

This module enables participants to develop their ability to ‘bounce back’ and to improve their coping skills. This programme starts participants on a level of awareness of the impact of their interpersonal interactions and their plans for development in dealing with the everyday situations they encounter with team members and customers.


What You'll Learn

Identify the Relevant Legislation and Regulatory Requirements in the Workplace

Recognise the Roles and Responsibilities involved in Meeting Legislation and Regulatory Requirements in the Workplace

Identify the Objectives and Benefits of the Personal Data Protection Act in the Workplace

Apply the Essential Obligations as Data Handler in the Collection, Usage, Storage/ Disposal and Disclosurte of Personal Data in the Workplace

Apply the Obligations to Protecting Personal Data in the Event of a Suspected Data Breach in the Workplace

Entry Requirements
  • WPL Level 3 
  • No Experience Required


Course Fees $290.00 (Excluding GST) / $$316.10 (Including GST)
Singapore Citizens <40yrs & PR/LTVP+ of all Ages $113.10
(After 70% SSG Funding)
Singapore Citizens ≥40yrs $113.10
(After 70% SSG Funding)
International Participants $316.10
(No Funding)
Singapore Citizens <40yrs & PR/LTVP+ of all Ages $171.10
(After 50% SSG Funding)
Singapore Citizens ≥40yrs $113.10
(After 70% SSG Funding)
International Participants $316.10
(No Funding)
Singapore Citizens <40yrs & PR/LTVP+ of all Ages $171.10
(After 50% SSG Funding)
Singapore Citizens ≥40yrs $113.10
(After 70% SSG Funding)
International Participants $316.10
(No Funding)

Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

Eligible learners can utilise their PSEA funds for eligible courses. Click here to find out more.

Self Sponsored

SkillsFuture Credit

Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above may use their SkillsFuture Credits to pay for the course fees. The credits may be used on top of existing course fee funding.

This is only applicable to self-sponsored participants. Applications via must be made within 60 days before course commencement.

LearnCollab has to be informed of the Claim ID no. and claim amount in order for the correct payable course fee amount to be reflected on the invoice. Please click here for more details on SkillsFuture Credit.

Company Sponsored

Enhanced Training Support Scheme

– Organisation must be registered or incorporated in Singapore

– At least 30% local shareholding by Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents

– Employment size of not more than 200 (at group level) or with annual sales turnover (at group level) of not more than SGD100 million

– Trainees must be hired in accordance with the Employment Act and fully sponsored by their employers for the course

– Trainees must be Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents

Absentee Payroll

Companies who sponsor their employees for the course may apply for Absentee Payroll here.

Course Contact
  • Sales and Enquiry 8339 4783

  • 8.30am – 6.00pm (Mon – Fri)

    Please call or email us your enquiry.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • Main Office: 456 Balestier Road, Ascent@456 #02-11, Singapore 329832
    Other Centers: 200 Jln Sultan, Textile Centre #03-01/B, Singapore 199018



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