Mandatory Courses for Renewal
Why should you take up the course

To remain compliant, NEA has ruled out that it is mandatory for all cleaners to attend at least one WSH cleaning course & one Core Module to be eligible for the renewal of a cleaning business license. For existing cleaners who want to upgrade their skills and advance forward in the environmental service industry, it is advisable to attend more approved courses to stay relevant and competitive.

For new cleaners who wish to enter the environmental service industry, it is best to attend and possess two WSQ mandatory certificates which are One WSH course & One Core Module.

Entry Requirements
  • The level of English language proficiency at WPLN Level 1.
  • No work experience is required.
  • The majority of learners with language difficulties and language barriers are due to low educational levels. The program though conducted in English requires our trainers to translate some of the content to Mandarin, Malay, sometimes Tamil, and different dialects to meet the special needs of learners for ease of understanding.

If the learners do not meet the above entry requirements: For self-sponsored enquirers, our course consultant will screen them for their English language ability during the inquiry stage and if they do not meet the requirements, they will be directed to enquire at British Council for the appropriate language course.

What You'll Learn
Washroom Maintenance

At the end of the training, learners will be able to :

Prepare for work activities

Identify risks, hazards and unsafe acts present in the work environment.

Apply methods to identify types of floors, chemicals and use removal methods towards removal of spillages, stains and dust/dirt and debris from fixtures, partitions, urinals, washbasins , walls and restroom floors.

Reinstate the work area, replenish consummables after cleaning

Inform the supervisor if they encounter any discrepancies, non-functioning amenities, safety hazards and risks.

Horizontal Surface Maintenance

At the end of the training, learners will be able to :

Apply relevant workplace safety and health requirements when cleaning hard floor surfaces (A3, K4)
Understand the types and uses of various PPEs (A1, K2)
Understand the various First Aid procedures and injuries when cleaning hard floors (A4)
Identify the type of cleaning environment and hard floor surfaces ( K5-K6)
Identify the types of cleaning tools, PPE, equipment and chemicals with the type of dust, debris, and spillage and impacted soil (A1-A2 , K2, K7, K8)
Check condition of cleaning tools, equipment, supplies and chemicals for cleaning hard floors (K8)
Use common methods to control and remove spillage from hard floor surfaces and carpets (A2, A4, K1, K3)
Comply to the requirements in the Public Utilities (Water supply) Regulations clause 39 on prohibited use of hose or sprinklers in certain instances. (A4, K9)
Apply common methods to remove impacted soil from hard floor surfaces (A2, A4, K1, K3)
Identify common mopping methods and perform mopping of hard floor surfaces ( A3, A4, K1, K3)
Check the cleanliness and condition of the hard floor surfaces(K3)
Reinstate the work area by collecting different types of waste (A5-6)
Reinstate the work area by using waste handling and disposal methods (A5,A6)
Identify when, how to report discrepancies to the appropriate persons (A7)

Furniture and Furnishing Maintenance

At the end of the training, learners will be able to :

Able to identify the different types of PPE for cleaning activities (K2,A2)
Able to apply knowledge of basic first aid in dealing with injuries (K3,A3)
Able to identify and use correct signages for cleaning operations (K4,A5)
Able to identify types of furniture and furnishings in indoor and outdoor settings (K5 K3, A3)
Able to identify different types of dust, debris, spillage and stains and removal methods (K1)
Able to identify different surfaces and methods of polishing(K3, K5 and A3)
Able to identify equipment, cleaning tools, supplies and chemicals and conditions for work activities and prepare the janitorial cart for cleaning. (K6, K7, A1, A3)
Able to prepare cleaning agents and materials for cleaning(A1, A4)
Able to prepare site for cleaning(A1-2, A5)
Able to identify tools, equipment and supplies needed to clean spillages, remove dust, debris(A3, K7)
Able to perform removal of loose dust and debris using 4-step process(K3, A3)
Able to remove mud soilage from office chair(K3,A3)
Able to remove beverage spillage and stains from table(K3,A3)
Able to identify types of tools and accessories to polish furniture and furnishings(A3,K7)
Able to perform 5 step process to polish furniture and fittings(K3,A3)
Able to identify types of waste(K3)
Able to reinstate the work area by collecting different types of waste (A5-A6)
Able to reinstate the work area by using waste handling and disposal methods (A5)
Able to comply with ‘Cleaning work activities cannot be carried out and methods to report discrepancies to the appropriate person(A6)

Workplace Safety And Health Practices Implementation

At the end of the training, learners will be able to :

LO1- Apply the framework of the WSH act to organisational reporting procedures (K1)
LO2 - Identify the roles and responsibilities of a general worker and the WSH Committee (K2, A2)
LO3- Identify and report the type of workplace health and safety issues (A3).
LO4- Identify and report potential hazards and risks associated with the work area (K2, A3)
LO5- Interpret the meaning of different safety signs and instructions at the workplace (K4, A1)
LO6- Practise personal hygiene at workplace (K4,A1).
LO7- Apply the various types of PPE to control workplace hazards (K3, A1)
LO8- Apply appropriate safety measures to workplace equipment and safety devices to reduce breakdowns and avoid injuries (K3, A1)
LO9- Participate in workplace health and safety training (A1)
LO10- Respond to types of emergencies at workplace (A1-A2, K4)

Customer Management (Provide Quality Services)

At the end of the training, learners will be able to :

1) Identify the types of triggers in the service environment that may lead to potential service challenges
2) Provide quality customer service by addressing customers' concerns promptly
3) Identify and apply problem solving tools and techniques to assess customer needs
4) Apply effective communication to identify and clarify customer needs and expectations
5) Apply service recovery procedures to respond to service challenges
6) Establish and promote a positive, integrated system of complaint reviews and resolution procedure

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