Strategic Privacy Consultancy

LETSPROPRIVACY aims to provide a comprehensive data protection solution that empowers businesses to implement their own data protection policies and procedures with the assistance of our team of experienced data protection professionals.

LETSPROPRIVACY believes that through the demonstration of accountability and transparency, will an enterprise achieve a competitive advantage.

Data Protection as a Service (DPaas)

We aim to provide the minimum entry package to protect companies to achieve compliance. We will register DPO BCI in ACRA Bizfile, Conduct 1st Company review on business processes and develop an overall Data Protection Management Program.

Data Graveyard Solutions

We aim to understand the number of business units and their processes. Identifying all of the data flow and touchpoints, including the purpose of retention. Through the identifications of all data flow from the data inventory map, we will present solutions to ensure that enterprises prevent themselves from retaining unnecessary data.

Privacy Consultancy

In Privacy Consultancy, we will conduct our first company review on business processes and units. We will register a DPO BCI in the ACRA bizfile and understand the entire data flow including all risks. Upon identification of all data risks, we will develop an overall data protection management program (DPMP), before proceeding to develop a data breach response plan. In the entire process, we will ensure that all staff is adequately trained accordingly.

Data Protection Trust Mark (DPTM)

To achieve Data Protection Trust Mark (DPTM), our team of highly experienced consultants will review all policies, notices, and processes. This will include conducting audits physically and online to establish areas of any gap. We will touch upon policies in governance that focus on accountability and transparency.